Group filed a lawsuit to block Arkansas casinos ballot

The lawsuit seeks to block an effort to legalise casino in three Arkansas counties.

US.- Arkansas Court received a lawsuit to suspend the casino ballot proposal. The lawsuit was filed by the Committee to Protect Arkansas’ Values/Stop Casinos Now, and is trying to stop a ballot that aims at legalising casinos in Boone, Miller and Washington counties.

The committee asked the justices to remove the referendum from the voting booth: “There are too many flaws in the way the signatures were gathered and too much uncertainty about how it affects our state’s ability to manage what kind of gaming we want in Arkansas. This amendment is not worthy to be included in our constitution and we believe it needs to be struck from the ballot,” Chuck Lange, the chairman of the group suing to block the measure, said in a statement.

The lawsuit claims the ballot is misleading and does not inform voters of consequences of casinos in the counties. Nevertheless, representatives of Arkansas Wins in 2016, the group which supports the ballot, responded that they are confident the proposal would survive the court challenge. “This is just an attempt by a group that has previously received millions of dollars from the gaming monopoly in Arkansas to restrict competition,” Robert Coon, a spokesman for the Arkansas Wins 2016 group, said.