AMATIC Industries brings ‘Pure Gaming’ to the industry at ICE London

AMATIC Industries brings ‘Pure Gaming’ to the industry at ICE London

AMATIC Industries once again proved its quality at ICE London, this time by presenting LUCKY LINK and the CX30.

UK.- AMATIC Industries showed again at ICE London what it means to bring ‘Pure Gaming’ to the gaming industry. Enabling online players also to access land-based games is the key element of its strategy and presents one of the most relevant strategic competitive advantages.

“Our games are intuitive and can be easily understood – we provide our players the feeling of ‘Pure Gaming’ and that is what we want to proceed further,” stresses the management of AMATIC Industries at the ICE London.
“Therefore we were able to expand our position and provide our customers an extensive choice of AMATIC products,” highlights the development team on sight.

AMATIC Industries presents its LUCKY LINK

One of the latest products AMATIC Industries presented at the ICE London is the LUCKY LINK, which ensures an extensive winning excitement across connected machines. It contains the Grand Jackpot and Major Jackpot where players on any connected machine can win through the cash spin feature. Customers already shared their positive feedback with the AMATIC Industries team, which shows great upcoming success and gives another boost to the company.

AMATIC Industries spotlights the CX30

Another product highlight at the ICE London is the CX30 upright gaming machine. It is set to create new standards in flexibility and states how the future of gaming machines look like. Customers are convinced by a sleek state of the art design and an impressive curved screen – an eye catcher on every gaming floor.

Both product developments forecast a strong increase in demand and give an outlook on how the markets transforms in the upcoming years.

“The team of AMATIC Industries is thankful being a strong part at ICE London and looks forward to a positive course of the year 2020.”

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