Adelaide’s casino evacuated due to fire

Hundreds of staff and patrons were evacuated.
Hundreds of staff and patrons were evacuated.

Though small, the fire caused damages up to US$ 37,000.

Australia.- Yesterday (Sunday) firefighters were called to the Adelaide casino located on North Tce about 2.30pm, after receiving reports of smoke in the building.

The fire was caused by an electrical fault in a restaurant’s dehydrator and it was extinguished by sprinklers. A Metropolitan Fire Service spokeswoman explained that firefighters were initially unsure whether there had been serious damage and staff and customers were evacuated as a precaution before being allowed back inside shortly afterward.

Allan Bitmead and his wife Ann were playing pokies when casino staff raised the alarm. “They just put the siren on and told us all to get out,” Bitmead said. “I heard there was a fire in the kitchen, I believe it was around the corner but we were just going to go home and we can’t get our car out for the moment.”

Damages in the facility, mostly water related, were confined to the restaurant and an adjoining cigarette store.