Virginia casino bill advances in the House

Virginia casino bill advances in the House

The House of Representatives voted in favour of the latest Virginia casino bill that would clear the way for Bristol and Danville gaming venues.

US.- A new bill that would approve casinos in Bristol and Danville took another step forward in the Legislature. The House of Delegates passed the Virginia casino proposal on a voice vote and may finally approve it today.

“It’s got five locations, which are Bristol, Danville, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Richmond,” Del. Barry Knight said. “These are economically depressed areas that could use the jobs in the state of Virginia.”

“I believe that this measure very much accomplishes the overall objective of bringing a lot of people to the table and looking at it from a global perspective. For that reason I support the measure,” Del. Joe Lindsey added.

Passing the Senate

A Senate committee approved a proposal last week to launch the vertical in the state.

“Just give us an opportunity to determine our own destiny,” said Democratic Sen. Louise Lucas of Portsmouth.

Governor Ralph Northam advanced he’s “open” to legalise casinos in the state if done correctly.

“It’s clear that there’s going to be a robust discussion in the General Assembly this year regarding legalized gaming. There are several proposals on the table. Our legislators are going to thoroughly vet them,” Northam said. “My philosophy is Virginia needs to be very thoughtful in its approach. If we’re going to expand gambling, we need to do it responsibly.