The US presidential election and online gambling

Due to confusing state a federal legislation, US gamblers are unsure if they can legally participate in political wagering.

US.-  Although there is a good deal of wagering on the possible outcome at the November federal election in the USA, online gambling remains a controversial issue within the full range of government levels in the country.

Online wagering is being supported and opposed on just about every bureaucratic platform on both sides of the spectrum. Currently, the online gambling situation in the US is confusing to say the least. State and federal laws concerning gambling are way too complicated so many USA gamblers are unsure if they can legally participate in political wagering. Furthermore, inaccurate or outdated information about the legalities surrounding online gambling in the United States is common problem adding to the confusion.

The opportunities presented by prop betting on the US federal election are tremendous with every possible outcome covered by an odds number. In the UK, for instance, there are many online gambling operators such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. William Hill gives politics the same treatment as any other major sport and it offers all politics-related wagering products.

On the bright side, a larger range of people have become more politically aware and involved causing the bettor base to expand exponentially. Political betting can also be a great form of entertainment.

Regarding the US election, Clinton not only leads in public opinion polls, but she also leads in all online gambling sites recently reviewed.