Upcoming Kansas casino headed to court


Kansas Cossing Casino and Hotel will open its doors to the public on April 8.

The state Supreme Court scheduled a hearing for later this month, where they will discuss a lawsuit that involves a Southeast Kansas casino.

US.- The Kansas Supreme Court scheduled a hearing where the Kansas Crossing Casino, Cherokee County and investors in Castle Rock Casino will expose their arguments in a case that started mid 2016.

Kansas Crossing, along with the state lottery board, is being sued by the Cherokee County Commission and Castle Rock Casino after the former was granted the fourth and final license in June 2015. Even though Castle Rock’s proposal was much more consistent and it was supposed to attract half million more visitors than the one who was granted the license, the lottery board decided that Kansas Crossing Casino was a more fitting decision.

After the lawsuits delayed the construction process, officials announced that the Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel is set to open in March 31. Russell Jones, an attorney for Castle Rock, said: “The appeal to the state supreme court is an opportunity to put on evidence showing the decision should be reversed. We are looking for an opportunity to have a fair hearing.” Jones said that Kansas Crossing’s fate is not up to them and it’s not his client’s concern: “That would be up to the developers what they would want to do with it if the license were overturned.”

Garion Masterson, a spokesman for Kansas Crossing, commented that they’re glad that the state court is in charge of this lawsuit. “I think we’re going to get a conclusion of a lawsuit we feel never had merit and start generating revenues for the counties and the state of Kansas,” he added.

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