Ukraine wants to regulate lotteries

Ukraine Interior Minister presented an initiative to regulate operations from lotteries and gambling.

Ukraine.- Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s Interior Minister announced that he presented an initiative to be able to regulate the operation of gambling and lotteries on the market. The want the money flow to be under the state supervision.

“There are scratchcard lotteries, gambling machines disguised as Internet clubs and simply without any masks. Not to mention backstreet casinos. We regularly reveal them, two or three a month, sometimes with policemen patronising them, sometimes with officials,” said Avakov in a statement.

Avakov said that the bill he presented is currently circulation in the Finance Ministry and Verkhovna Rada. He considers the initiative essential as the country needs to regulate the markets in order to return the money to the state.

The interior Minister said that he appealed to the Verkhovna Rada to urgently discuss the bills and pass any bills giving rights and restrictions on the market and returning this shadow money flow to control of the state. “We need these taxes! I assess the unpaid taxes to the budget from the gambling sector at near $300 million,” he added.