UKGC urges operators to comply with law

UKGC has warned fantasy sports operators to comply with current gaming legislation during football season.

UK.- The United Kingdom Gaming Commission has anticipated the beginning of the national football season with warnings to daily fantasy sports operators. The governmental commission has urged organisers of betting tournaments to comply with current legislation on sports betting and iGaming sectors.

“Fantasy football is no doubt a popular pastime for many during football season and many will be thinking about setting up their own league this summer. We want to ensure that those organising these leagues – whether it’s between friends, work colleagues or otherwise – are aware of the legalities and do not breach gambling rules,” explained Ben Haden, Programme Director at the Gambling Commission, according to SBC News.

The UKGC has warned operators to study rules of fantasy sports leagues, prizes and promotions in order to offer a legal service. Organisers would also have to ask for a pool license in case the significance of the tournament requires it. Furthermore, the UKGC has asked them to pay special attention on advertising regulations.

Daily fantasy sports’ tournaments organisers would not be able to advertise their betting services through social media and online platforms, including private or public profiles and groups. Publicity on fantasy football tournaments would require a special gaming license by the UKGC.

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