UKGC checks gambling licences

The UKGC is visiting different areas to verify licences. Credits: UKGC

The commission along with a local team checked licensed premises in Burnham and other areas.

UK.- The UK Gambling Commission – along with staff from the Sedgemoor District Council’s Licensing Team – visited licensed premises in Burnham and the surrounding area in order to remind holders that machines in their facilities are supervised.

“The officers were very pleased that the vast majority of the licence holders were very aware of the Code and showed their responsible attitude toward gambling,” said a council spokesperson, Burnham-On-Sea revealed.

The UKGC, which also discussed its code of practice for gaming machines located in pubs, clubs and premises with alcohol licences, is planning to visit other areas as part of an initiative to promote responsible gambling.

“They also used the visits to remind licence holders that gaming machines are located in a place within the premises which can be clearly supervised, situated away from ATM machines that may be on site within the same premises, and subject to strict procedures regarding the age checking of anyone who may appear underage for use of the gaming machine in question,” said the council spokesperson.

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