UKGC suspends operating licence

UKGC suspends operating licence

The UKGC has announced an interim suspension of the operating licence of Addison Global Limited, trading as Moplay.

UK.- The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has announced that it has suspended the Operating Licence held by Addison Global Limited. The licence is under review and the company is suspended while the process takes place.

“We have decided to commence a review because we suspect that Addison Global Limited has breached a condition of the licence (section 120(1)(b) and is unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities (section 120(1)(d) of the Act). We consider it appropriate to suspend the licence with immediate effect pending the conclusion of the review,” explained the regulator.

The licence suspension makes it illegal for Addison Global Limited to offer gambling services via its website in Britain but does not prevent the operator from returning any outstanding balances to customers.

In accordance with section 118(4)(c) of the Act the Licensee is authorised to settle any outstanding winning bets that it has accepted in reliance of the above operating licences and return any outstanding balances to customers.

The UKGC also said that it has informed Addison Global Limited that it expects the company to put out a clear message to consumers regarding their accounts.

UKGC considers capping online slots bets

The UKGC recently talked to the all-parliamentary group on gambling-related harm that it could cap the amount that players bet online, and that a decision could be announced within six months.

This comes after MPs urged gambling firms to set a £2 limit per bet for online slot machines, which would be similar to the figure that machines currently offer in high street shops in the UK.

A spokesperson from the Gambling Commission said: “We said last October that we would be looking at online stake limits as part of our ongoing work to reduce the risks of gambling-related harm. This work is in addition to us focusing on VIP practices, advertising technology and game design. We will publish our assessment and next steps for online stakes and further protections later this year.”

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