Tongan PM rejects casino proposal


'Akilisi Pohiva confirmed that Tonga won’t grant a casino license after all.

The Prime Minister of Tonga denied the rumors that the country would be granting the first casino license.

Tonga.- Tonga’s Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva confirmed that the Polynesian country won’t grant a casino license after all. Earlier this week the directors of Tavake Tamara Ltd said that they were close to fulfilling the requirements needed to move on with the casino petition.

As reported by Kaniva News, the official said that there’s still no room for casinos in Tonga, even if he’s still open to discuss upcoming proposals. The directors of Tavake Tamafua Ltd had said that they obtained a letter from Tevita Lavemaau, a government minister, that established that they would back the proposal to open a casino in the country. Back in January, the Prime Minister’s Office stated that gambling is prohibited by law: “Therefore any intention from Red Warrior Entertainment or any Casino Company to apply for a gaming license would be futile.”

Treasurer of the Free Wesleyan Church (FWC), Rev. Tevita Haukinima, said: “We at the FWC don’t believe in casinos and dealing cards. This is what the church believes and what Christians believe as well as our pastors and people of the church. It might bring about problems in society that will affect the people. We all know of casinos overseas and the difficulties it brings and I think the same thing would happen in Tonga.”