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Esports have grown by 40% during lockdown according to EveryMatrix.
Esports have grown by 40% during lockdown according to EveryMatrix.

EveryMatrix report shows that huge growth in esports betting since March has been driven mainly by activity on FIFA and NBA 2K.

Malta.- A new report from igaming B2B provider EveryMatrix shows 40 per cent growth in esports betting from March 9 to April 19.

The report found that two esports titles were responsible for driving 80 per cent of growth: FIFA and NBA 2K.

Based on data from the main Eastern European and Central European markets where the company operates, EveryMatrix found a 41 per cent increase in the number of esports bettors during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Average turnover per esports player increased from €159 between February 17 and March 9 to €473 between March 16 and April 6, and average gross gaming revenue per player increased from €13 to €31.

However the report also found that only 10 per cent of real sports bettors made the transition to esports in the same period and that 65 per cent of active bettors had stopped placing bets in the lockdown.

Average turnover per real sports player fell from €930 to €733.

The report found similarities in the most popular types of bets on real sports and esports titles.

On the two titles driving esport betting growth, it found that 76 per cent of FIFA turnover was for Over/Under markets and 52 per cent of turnover for NBA 2K was attributed to Asian Handicap betting.

EveryMatrix group CEO, Ebbe Groes, said: “The last eight weeks were quite dramatic. Esports entered the scene with a bang, from being a niche or small sub-segment of sports betting without receiving many considerations from operators, to being today a very large part of the offering available on the market.

“Operators who already had esports or who were able to integrate them quickly, are ultimately the ones making the most out of the current lack of real-life sports events. The ones who were not so agile, are unfortunately seeing massive losses.

“It is not too late to jump on the esports bandwagon, especially since predictions show that betting on esports is here to stay. Ultimately, the aim is to maximize sportsbook revenue and diversify the offering.”

While the report found that the title driving the majority of growth in esports betting were real sports simulations such as FIFA and NBA 2K, there was still a strong outlook for classic games.

Of the money waged on classic games, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Defence of the Ancients 2 accounted for 85 per cent of income.

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