Tips for operators to increase a monthly number of bets with Live-Games by TVBET

Tips for operators to increase a monthly number of bets with Live-Games by TVBET

The company’s experts explain the reason why their products are so demanded among players.

Cyprus.- The global casino sector has grown by thousands of young operators in the last couple of years, who tend to go head-to-head with the industry leaders. Someone would even say that it is a bit crowded on the iGaming market recently. To some extent it’s true, but let’s not forget about a huge number of prosperous start-ups that sadly failed to conquer the gaming world.

In most cases, it happens for a rather trivial reason – operators just don’t have enough tools to attract a big audience to their portals in a highly competitive environment. So, how to raise the players’ engagement and make them return to your doorway again?

According to the world-leading B2B live-games provider, TVBET, a share of bets on their games for each singular partner reaches around 25% of the total amount. Currently, the company cooperates with more than one hundred sportsbooks, online and land-based casinos worldwide. Among their clients are successful gaming operators from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The company’s experts explain the reason why their products are so demanded among players. A trend for interactivity has made a gaming experience as thrilling as never before. People’s favorite casino games with live dealers have made a revolution in the gaming sector. Somehow, the users have more trust in betting when a real person hosts a game, but not a machine. It makes them feel more secure and confident in the fair outcome.

TVBET uses the newest American technology to broadcast its live-games in full HD 24/7. It means that such iconic casino games as Poker, Joker, 21Bet, WheelBet, and others are available in LIVE days and nights. What makes live-games so trending among millions of users is that they do not depend on time zone and seasonality. For example, when the players in Latin America go to sleep, the gamers in Europe are still active, meaning that operators keep taking bets around the clock.  

Another good tip for sportsbooks and casinos is to pay attention to user encouragement. With an enormous number of operators on the market, it’s absolutely necessary to offer the customers such options that your competitors do not have. In other words, invest in the prosperity of your company. TVBET suggests its partners set up a good system of bonuses and jackpots to boost players’ engagement even more. Checked! Nothing stimulates a gamer as much as a chance to make a huge score.

In case if casinos want to get a brand new game that no one else has, TVBET offers original White Label solutions to its clients. The company develops a unique game based on each partner’s particular taste. Now, it’s so easy to be ‘not like the rest of the crowd.’

The partnership program is another great option for operators to increase a monthly number of bets. As an experienced B2B provider, TVBET provides its partners with analytical and promotional support to achieve a constant growth in the future. Such model of running a business is not typical for other product-developers, especially because TVBET is doing it at no additional cost.

Summing up the material, TVBET’s goal is not to just sell its product but to make it work for both parties. And such cooperation always leads to mutually beneficial business.

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