Tinian Ocean launches online petition

The operator is seeking community support for the casino project.

US.- Bridge Investment Group, the company behind the proposed Tinian Ocean View Resort And Casino of the Northern Mariana Islands, announced that they launched an online petition to gather support to proceed with its plans to operate the casino in the area.

Marianas Variety reported that the company launched the petition after the US Coastal Resources Management agency didn’t grant them the permit to proceed with the construction of the casino on the proposed harbor site. If they get the support they need, the casino would be located near San Jose, the largest town in the Mariana Islands. Even though the construction has been completed, the Commonwealth regulatory agencies told the operator that they didn’t meet their requirements.

“The law is not ambiguous: the Tinian Ocean View Resort and Casino is a ‘project’ and that the ferry is undeniably a port-related activity. The project is being constructed in and around ‘land and water areas of particular concern surrounding the commercial ports of the Northern Mariana Islands which consists of projects, industrial uses, and all related activities’ as defined in the Coastal Resources Management regulations,” said the petition. The company said that is they don’t get the permission, they will be obligated to fire many employees that they hired months ago.