Three casinos still closed after Macau storm

macau casinos

Credits: Macau Business

There are three gambling facilities that remain closed after the floods caused by Typhoon Hato in Macau.

Macau.- Casinos Broadway in Cotai and Legend Palace at Fisherman’s Wharf are still closed following the severe floods caused by Typhoon Hato. Slot machine parlour Mocha Inner Harbour is also shut down but with no date of reopening.

Fredrick Ip, head of casino operations at Macau Legend Development, told TDM News that internet servers and air conditioning, among other essential equipment, had been damaged by the flooding. As the news outlet said, Ponte 16 also suffered damage as its ground floor was forced to close as well.

Executive Director of Success Universe Group, Hoffman Ma, said that it is expected that the reopening will happen sometime in the upcoming weeks, and that tables had been moved to upper floors whilst they still work on getting the facility ready. He added that it will take months to finish the job and reinstall equipment and appliances, but September 23 should be the date when the casino reopens its doors, AGBrief reported.