The hotel industry is preparing to receive national and foreign tourism

Liquido Guardian, antimicrobial nanotechnology
Liquido Guardian, antimicrobial nanotechnology

Through the nanotechnology of Líquido Guardian products, it is possible to guarantee a safe and comfortable stay experience for tourists with cutting-edge biosafety protocols.

Press release.- The drop in COVID-19 infections allowed the weaken these days. The tourism sector – among the most impacted worldwide – will now have its revenge after more than a year under restrictive measures.

Tourism in general, trips for retirees, graduates, student groups and work trips, added to the opening of national borders, the sector is preparing to reactivate again following the recommended protocols.

That is why, from Líquido Guardian, they put their portfolio of products on the table. The firm offers a line of antimicrobial coatings with contact action (antimicrobial coatings), designed based on nanotechnology with silicon dioxide (liquid glass). These simple-to-use products optimize the disinfection of surfaces by reducing contamination by bacteria and viruses.

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Aligned with the objectives of the hotel and casino sector in Argentina and in the region, Líquido Guardian approaches its product proposal so that establishments can provide a service that protects tourists, staff and collaborators of the place and allows them to work under the expected biosecurity measures.

Nano protected rooms

According to Líquido Guardian, the rooms and communal spaces of the hotels will be completely protected with the scope of these products. How? From surfaces, air conditioning filters to beds and armchairs coated with Líquido Guardin.

  • Repel Textil by Líquido Guardian for mattresses, sheets, linens and curtains. It consists of a protective liquid for fabrics that helps reduce viruses and bacteria and generates a certain degree of water repellency, making them more waterproof, safe and easy to clean. This innovative nano coating based on water and modified Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) structured with sharp peaks and a constant positive ionic charge, is capable of attracting the negative membranes of microorganisms and perforating them, thus reducing and inactivating bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses: Coronavirus, KPC, H1N1, E-Coli, STAPH, among others.
  • Anything that is of regular contact by guests and employees can be protected. Countertops, front desk, handles, elevator buttons, among others, may be protected with Líquido Guardian, a coating that lasts one year. It can be cleaned with cleaning products and the effect of the film will not go away. In other words, 24x7x365 protection.
  • Protected air. By applying a film of the Líquido Guardian material on the filters of the split and centralized air equipment – and keeping them clean, to ensure the contact of the air that is renewed with the biocidal nanoparticles – it is possible to keep the amount of bacteria and viruses in the air under control. just keep the equipment on and reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission.