“The crossover between online and land-based casinos will become more integrated”

Elad Beni, VP marketing at Tenlot Group.
Elad Beni, VP marketing at Tenlot Group.

Focus Gaming News talks online and offline with Elad Beni, VP marketing at Tenlot Group.

Exclusive interview.- Tenlot Group has a huge wealth of international experience in the ever-growing and diversifying global lottery and gaming market, which makes it well placed to foresee where things are heading.

VP for marketing Elad Beni took time out to speak to Focus Gaming News about how he sees the future coexistence of retail and digital gaming.

The crossover between online and land-based gaming

Beni sees the future of online vs land-based casinos becoming much less black and white. He says, “I believe the situation isn’t moving from or to; it’s combining the two.

“The crossover between online and land-based, platform-wise, casino-wise, payments-wise, will somehow become more grey.”

He adds: “It will be the same product walking with you wherever you are, meaning you will probably carry the brand with you from Vegas home and back to Vegas when you fly there and leave the tablet or laptop in your room.”

While a difference remains between online and retail players, Beni believes this trend for coexistence will make online gaming more available and accessible to customers, especially thanks to increased regulation internationally. Technology, he says, will help online to win retail customers.

Payments challenges

Beni notes that in the area of payments, retail and online are currently different worlds but that the retail sector is becoming increasingly more advanced and creative, despite still being largely cash-based.

He believes the future lies in the retail sector following the lead of online in this area. It’s in both operators’ and customers’ interests he says.

“Most customers want a safe environment and be able to see the money in their account as soon as possible,” he points out.

“One of the challenges we have is utilising the online tools we have for offline, and vice versa.”

Elad Beni, VP marketing at Tenlot Group.

However, he still sees retail as vitally important, particularly in some markets. In El Salvador, where Tenlot has a major operation as the national lottery operator, the group aims to triple the current 50 retail sales points by the end of 2022.

He doesn’t believe there’s any danger of online casinos disappearing, either. “The experience is overwhelming,” he says.

Cryptocurrency as payment 

El Salvador has recently approved bitcoin, the “mother of all digital solutions” as an official currency, something that Beni believes will have a major impact on digital payments.

“I strongly believe that El Salvador making cryptocurrency legal tender will have an impact on people looking for online solutions,” he says.

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