TEN casino could delay its opening

The state ruled that Straub needs a license in order to reopen the activities in the former Revel casino.

US.- New Jersey Casino Control Commission (CCC) ruled on Tuesday that if Glenn Straub wants to reopen the Revel casino as TEN, he needs a proper license to offer his services. The owner announced earlier this week that the facility would open its doors on February 20, but without a license, he won’t be able to reopen the casino.

Division of Gaming Enforcement Director David Rebuck said that the opening of this facility for casino operations is not even remotely imminent at this time. He believes that the property cannot open its doors anytime soon since the operators failed to submit a complete application to be licensed. Straub considers that he does not need a costly casino license since he would give away the services to a third party, and he said he would appeal the decision: “The ruling is just one government agency backing another government agency. These people just rubber stamp what the state agencies do,”

“This has been an arduous process. In sum, from the time a patron of TEN drives up to the building, parks in valet or self parks, checks in at the front desk, goes to his or her room, grabs a bite to eat, gambles, maybe buys some forgotten toiletries and goes to sleep, the patron is having an experience provided by the tenant,” said Straub’s attorney Lloyd Levenson, who considers that they need to think about what’s happening in Atlantic City this year, and that they need to move forward from the “glory days of the city” and think out of the box. “I recognize the social and economic benefits that reopening a casino hotel would have. I want to see this property reopen and see thousands of my neighbors put back to work. But the environment in Atlantic City does not change the requirements of the Casino Control Act,” he added.

Atlantic City’s upcoming TEN would offer complete services in its 130,000 square feet of casino and gaming space. Straub’s venue will also include 1,399 hotel guest rooms and suites, three nightclubs, 13 restaurants, a 32,000-square-foot spa, five pools, 55,000 square feet of retail space and a parking garage with more than 7,000 spaces.