Tamil Nadu calls to ban online rummy

india online rummy

Credits: knowtechie.com

Some people are advocating for a ban on online rummy in Tamil Nadu, India, as increased advertising has raised concerns.

India.- Gambling in India has several restrictions and online rummy could get included in the banned-games list as some people are advocating for its prohibition in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. According to TheHindu (through AGBrief), sources in the cyber police have raised their concerns over an increase in the activity’s advertising and a group of people don’t like it.

A cyber crime police officer from Hyderabad said that “hundreds of people silently lose their money playing online rummy games,” and explained that it could be a major factor to lead to depression or even suicide. “Understanding the gravity of the issue, the Telangana government passed an ordinance,” he said.

Cyber crime officers are waiting for an ordinance banning online rummy in the state in order to be able to raid facilities where they suspect online rummy is conducted. Should it happen, Tamil Nadu would add up to Telangana, which banned the online game earlier this year.