Table games revenue up in Pennsylvania

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According to the local gaming control board, Pennsylvania experienced a 2 percent growth in March in table games revenue.

US.- The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board released a report where it was revealed that gross revenue from gambling at table games increased 2 percent last month compared to the same period in 2016.

The state’s 12 casinos collected US$79 million in gross table games revenues, up from the US$77 million produced in March 2016. Moreover, the number represents the highest month ever for the state regarding table games, as it’s surpassing the now second highest, which is also March from last year. Total tax revenue from the 1231 was US$12.8 million last month. The state is currently trying to modify its gambling taxes and legislations, as lawmakers have been proposed multiple solutions for the state deficit.

Earlier this month the state granted the lawmakers an extension deadline to come up with a solution regarding levy for slot machines in the state, to multiple counties would stop receiving money in mid-July. Furthermore, there is a group of legislators against gambling, and they’re pushing for higher tax rates in order to make it non-viable in the state.