New Swansea casino may arrive soon

New Swansea casino may arrive soon

Eight years after its largest venue closed down, Swansea may commission a new casino development in 2020.

UK.- Back in 2012, the city’s largest casino shut down, leaving only one operational. However, Swansea may commission a casino in 2020, to compete in the local market.

The city has a ruling restricting gaming operations in the city. However, after its 2017 extension, it will expire this year and open the way for a new venue. Therefore, after December 5, the Swansea City Council will consider casino applications once again.

So far, the online vertical makes up for most of the local industry, as the lone land-based venue can’t compete with other cities like Cardiff, which has three. Therefore, should a new venue arrive in the city, not only will Swansea see its casino revenue improve through the latest operation, but also with the existing one and its need to improve.

The 2017 order

“Previous research has shown that disadvantaged social groups who experience poverty, unemployment, dependence on welfare, and low levels of education and household income are most likely to suffer the adverse consequences of increased gambling,” explained a report to the full council in 2017. It also detailed the potential consequences of problem gambling in a person’s life. Moreover, its impact on communities, “particularly those already experiencing the stresses of life on a low income.

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