Sports franchises could shut casinos out of sports betting in Ohio

The House still has to approve Ohio's sports betting bill.
The House still has to approve Ohio's sports betting bill.

Ohio’s soon-to-be approved sports betting bill includes language that limits licensees and could shut casinos out of the business if sports franchises apply for permits.

US.- Some casinos could be left out of the sports betting business in Ohio according to the wording of the proposed legislation.

The Ohio Senate approved sports betting in all its forms in a 30 to 2 vote, but the bill limits the number of licensees.

The bill says that brick and mortar sportsbooks will only be allowed in counties with more than 100,000 residents, and there will only be up to three licences.

That means that some casinos and racinos in Cincinnati and Cleveland could be shut out of the sportsbook business if all the sports franchises in those counties apply for Type B licenses instead of mobile apps.

“We really have to see how many of those sports franchises apply for it before we know who would be shut out. But it’s certainly a possibility and that’s why we’re certainly looking at it,” joint sponsor Senator Nathan Manning said.

The bill still needs to go through the House, which means it could still be amended to address these concerns.

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