Sports betting revenues ready to impact West Virginia

With the football season coming next September, the state is ready to see sports betting revenue flow after legalising the segment.

US.- West Virginia had already approved its own sports betting legislation before the Supreme Court of the United States struck the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) down and is now ready to see the segment begin its operations. Over the next few months, the final preparations are set to be finished and revenues are expected to begin flowing in the state as soon as next fall.

According to West Virginia Lottery managing general Danielle Boyd, the state has been working for the past few months to establish the infrastructure needed to get the segment to operate in casinos and mobile apps. She also explained that the September goal is “ambitious, but realistic” and noted that casinos are building “sports wagering lounges” and setting digital platforms to take advantage of the mobile market.

Alan Larrick, director of the West Virginia Lottery, described discussions between the casinos and sports leagues regarding integrity fees, “ongoing” but there is no provision to set it so far.

As the football season will begin next September 6th, West Virginia expects to see sports betting already established and its respective revenue to start flowing towards the state.

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