Sports betting could arrive in Indiana

Sports betting could arrive in Indiana
Sports betting in Indiana may help increase the budget.

As lawmakers look for ways to increase the budget, sports betting in Indiana could turn out to be the solution and may be approved soon.

US.- Gambling is a major source of revenue for governments worldwide and sports betting plays a major role in it. That’s why sports betting may be Indiana’s way to find more money to increase the future budget.

State lawmakers are reaching their final conclusions on how much money will go towards school districts. As teachers continue to push for pay raises, gambling may just be the solution they need.

This week, a gambling expansion may be approved and sports betting in Indiana may turn legal.

Sports betting could arrive in Indiana

In March, The House Public Policy Committee approved a piece of legislation to open Indiana to sports betting, but not before amending the proposal. Lawmakers decided to remove the mobile segment from it.

Senate Bill had already cleared the Senate. In a unanimous 12-0 vote, the Upper Chamber had sent the bill to the House, where they passed an amended version. Now, it will go to the House Ways and Means Committee for further debate.

“There will be changes,” Rep. Terri Austin – who co-sponsors the bill – had said of the legislation prior to the committee’s decision. “That will be determined in a conference committee.” She also said she believes it will ultimately reach the Governor’s desk for final approval.

Mobile gambling wasn’t the only thing removed, as the requirement to use official league data for in-play wagering was erased as well. Nonetheless, the age limit (set at 21-years-old) remained unchanged, as well as keeping eSports and high school or youth sports events banned.

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