Spectrum analyses Japanese market

Credits: comeonoutjapan.com
Credits: comeonoutjapan.com

The company said that a battle for a license in Japan could last to up to two years.

Japan.- Japan has been trying to come up with regulations regarding the gambling industry for quite some time now, therefore talks about possible locations and the number of licensees has been on the spotlight. Spectrum Gaming Group revealed that it is expected a battle of two years to determine the recipients of those licenses.

In the “Top 10 Gaming Industry Trends for 2018” report released this week, Spectrum said: “After a decade of debate and missed opportunity, casino gaming in Japan is expected to be legalised in 2018. A battle is then anticipated over the following one to two years between international operators and domestic corporations for one of the three expected licences.”

Whilst this was the 14th edition, Spectrum said that of all the years that the company has been tracking trends, 2018 should prove to be the most significant as political, technological, demographic and regulatory changes converge in markets around the world.

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