South Korea reinforces its permissions

Kangwon land will apply stronger measures against gambling problems.

South Korea.- The Asian government announced that Kangwon land will take deeper measures on controlling gambling problems, starting on 2017. Players who may have gaming addiction will be banned for three months from the only legal casino for residents.

Operators of the Kangwon land will control the frequency clients bet on the gaming services in order to impose the “cooling off” procedure. Currently, locals are allowed to gamble for up to 15 days a month and those players that participate at the casino’s offerings for 30 days in two consecutive months are suspected as addicts and banned.

The prohibition to enter ends after six-hour rehabilitation process. However, with the new control, the same infraction will set a ban for a month for the first violation. If they repeat the frequency they will receive a two month ban and on third time will get a three-month penalty.

Kangwon officers are also planning further measures with the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to up its admission fee to 40,000 ($36) from the current 9,000 won. Furthermore, the new legislation could reduce the permitted number of days per month for admission from the current 15 to eight.