South Dakota discusses sports betting

South Dakota discusses sports betting

The possibility that South Dakota legalises sports betting is once again on the table as state lawmakers take on the segment’s debate once again.

US.- Many states are already thriving on the segment after reaching an agreement on its regulation. However, South Dakota rejected sports betting legislation last year and wants to try again in 2020.

After seeing neighbouring states move forward, lawmakers are taking on the industry to finally launch and join the bandwagon. 

“It’s very clear that people have the opportunity to legally bet on sports, they want to do that,” Deadwood Gaming Association (DGA) executive director Mike Rodman said. “We just want to give our customers here in South Dakota that same opportunity.”

South Dakota’s failed sports betting proposal

Back in March, a South Dakota House panel rejected a measure that would have asked voters if sports betting should be legalised in historic Deadwood. The South Dakota House State Affairs Committee voted 7-3 and rejected a potential regulation-related vote.

While Deadwood Gaming Association Executive Director Mike Rodman asserted the city needs to approve the segment in order to get punters with the products they want to gamble on and other states provide, the measure faced major opposition. However, he believes the matter will be put on the 2020 ballot, as he is confident they’ll gather the signatures needed.

“One of the reasons (to reject legalisation) is, it’s an expansion of gambling in South Dakota. Governor Noem has made it clear that she does not wish to have gambling expanded in South Dakota. And frankly the gaming market is probably saturated in our state,” David Wiest, deputy secretary for the state Department of Revenue said.

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