Slotegrator publishes ebook on player acquisition and retention

Slotegrator's ebook on marketing strategies is now available.
Slotegrator's ebook on marketing strategies is now available.

Slotegrator is giving operators a hand with improving their marketing strategies with a book covering several key issues for the iGaming segment.

Press release.- Acquiring and retaining players is essential for online gambling businesses. But operators seem to face no end of challenges — and competition — when building a base of loyal players. To give operators a leg up, software and business solution provider Slotegrator has published a new ebook on marketing for online casinos and sportsbooks.

Every online gambling business needs effective promotion. Slotegrator’s new guide to marketing for online casinos and sportsbooks tailors the standard customer journey — Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, and Retention — to the iGaming space.

First, online gambling businesses have to build awareness of their brand. The ebook covers how to use traditional advertising channels such as TV and radio to reach as broad an audience as possible, as well as using sponsorships to focus on groups with a specific interest such as sports or cryptocurrencies. The guide dives even deeper into the online side, covering tactics for search engine optimization and digital advertising such as pay-per-click and display ads.

Next, the ebook dives into how to cooperate with the right affiliate network in order to benefit from the substantial amounts of traffic that content creators can generate. And no modern marketing strategy is complete without a comprehensive approach to social media presence and advertisements, which are also covered in the guide.

Converting a new lead into a new player is a make-or-break moment. The handbook details how operators can properly incentivize visitors to the site to sign up and make their first deposits with an inviting, easy-to-navigate frontend and a quick, simple registration process. The book also lays out the bonuses, other promotions, and gaming content that platforms should offer to encourage users to start playing.

Acquiring a new player is only the beginning. The marketing guide also explores how operators can use email marketing, customer relationship management systems, VIP programs, and fast, professional customer service to keep their players happy and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

The ebook is available for download here.

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