Slotegrator explains what aggregators do

"The job of the aggregator is to take care of the paperwork and technical stuff."

Slotegrator has shared a new guide on what an iGaming aggregator actually does and how it benefits operators.

News from our partners.- The industry is full of providers and developers of all kinds that offer games, payment systems, and platform solutions, but how can operators manage them all effectively? Online casino operators have to make a lot of daily decisions to keep their business running. Do they also have to negotiate with every single provider and resolve technical issues for every subsystem on the platform? Well, not really. There is a better way, claims Slotegrator.

An aggregator is a company that provides services to iGaming operators to address exactly these issues. It connects developers, suppliers, and operators of online casinos, provides integration of games and payment systems, and takes care of the platform’s technical issues.  

Aggregators look for good content and payment solutions, negotiate with individual service providers, and offer operators a single integration through an API that connects the whole bundle of solutions. Aggregators also typically resolve technical issues that can occur with any of these components, so operators don’t have to communicate with the developers directly.

Game choice is a big factor, and some operators deal with every single developer directly. This means a separate contract and price for every provider. Aggregators offer a way to save time, get a single deal, and integrate an entire portfolio of games. For example, Slotegrator has over 5000 games in their portfolio.

There are also numerous payment system providers throughout the industry, and it’s important to offer players a good choice of currencies and payment methods. The reward is one of the main reasons why players gamble, so swift and convenient processing of winnings and deposits should be high on the list of priorities for any casino operator.

Finally, aggregators also help with platform solutions, as well as facilitating the actual launch of an online casino or a sportsbook. Since these companies work with many operators and have plenty of industry experience, they know what makes successful enterprises tick, and can utilize this experience to improve the business as a whole. 

After all — as Slotegrator puts it — the job of the aggregator is to take care of the paperwork and technical stuff, so the business owners can focus on what’s actually important. 

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