Sirplay celebrates last year achievements

sirplay ice

Sirplay will participate at ICE.

The Maltese gaming company is ready to conquer this year’s industry.

Malta.- Innovation, competitiveness and future are the passwords of Sirplay’s growth. The challenge of the Maltese Company is to keep the leadership in an increasingly competitive market and remain faithful to its vision both. The perfect combination of a high-quality and affordable product is the main target that the Sirplay’s Board is currently pursuing.

The business model that the Company adopted has been giving results since the beginning of last year. Indeed, Sirplay is exponentially growing, manifesting itself not only in the achievement of important partnership agreements, but also in the setting up of new offices and in the entry in new markets.

This growth is the result of a professional path aiming at the enhancement of resources and skills, of an identity in constant renovation inside and outside and of the transformation of a small company in a subject eager to be more and more competent among the big players in the global gaming market. In fact, the Company closed a year of intense growth and important challenges.

In recent months, Sirplay has focused on the design and implementation of various development plans in new markets. Latin America in particular is a market with great potential for the gaming industry and online gambling for the Maltese Company. Latin America is confirmed as targeted area for Sirplay’s business and in recent years its participation in these shows is intensified.

The last news is the launch of SAM 3.0 (Subordinate Agency Machine), the latest innovative technology in Sirplay home, that just through the Internet connection and few steps to follow allows in a very fast and intuitive way to place online bets from anywhere in the world using a simple app. This system lets create an infinite number of mobile betting cashiers, since the new terminal has the potential of an Android smartphone equipped with the POS and an integrated printer to release the bet tickets. Thanks to a simple App everyone, anywhere, can place bets by connecting to the Sirplay’s sports betting platforms.

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