Serbia will be under the spotlight at the European Gaming Congress

Serbian market will be updated with Zoran Puhač of the European Organization for Gaming Law (EOGL).

Serbia.- Starting with 2012 – the year in which Serbia received associate membership in the European Union – the country started bringing the gambling business out of the shadow economy.

To bring gambling out of the shadow economy, Serbia demanded that all gambling establishments should obtain licences from the Ministry of finance. At the same time, very favourable conditions for running gambling activities have been created. All types of gambling starting from land-based casinos, slot machine halls to betting shops, and online gambling were allowed to operate.

One of the advantages of running a gambling business in Serbia is a very low gambling income tax at just 5%.

Currently, the gambling industry has just started to develop in Serbia, but due to low tax rates, it actively attracts foreign investors. The country allows all types and forms of gambling.

During the inaugural edition of European Gaming Congress, Serbian gaming expert Zoran Puhač will share the latest insights he has about the market and experiences he encountered while working with the Serbian regulation.

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