SBC Awards announced date

The event will be held on December 7th at Under the Bridge, in London.

UK.- The Sport Betting Community Awards (SBC) has opened the nominations to conclude the year with the recognisition of the best developers of 2016’s industry. On December 7th, the ceremony will be held at Under the Bridge, the prestigious £20 million club venue built underneath Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge. Companies have until 25th October to enter.

SBC Awards will grant 15 prizes to assess the participation of European sports betting companies which have helped to consolidate the industry during 2016. As organisers highlighted, this year experienced a profitable European Championships, the rise of DFS and eSports and the inaugural Betting on Sports conference to develop the emergent betting sector.

Gaming companies’ awards will be divided into three main categories, with seven awards for innovation in the industry and another seven reflecting overall excellence. In addition to this, three sports betting community members will be included in the SBC Sports Betting Hall of Fame to mark their contribution to the betting industry.

The innovation awards have introduced wider variety of sports, including football betting, sports betting, live betting, virtual sports, fantasy sports, affiliation and retail betting. Last year the event focused only on football companies, but the massive success led the organisers to expand the list. Despite the expansion and the presence of such high level guests, SBC will retain the same open award, non-formal networking party style to ensure that everyone has as much fun as possible. The event falls at the perfect time to bring your colleagues and partners along for an early Christmas party, and celebrate the culmination of a big year for sports betting, and a great year for SBC Events.