Saskatchewan to review the gaming industry



The Canadian province Saskatchewan will conduct a review on the gaming industry in order to look into new ideas.

Canada.- Former CEO and President of Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) Barry Lacey, announced that he will join Crown Investments Corporation (CIC) to conduct the review, which is part of the local government’s attempt to change the gaming industry.

“There are a number of different ideas that have been put forward and are now being looked into,” said Blair Swystun, CEO and president of CIC, as reported by the Regina Leader Post. The official confirmed that the review is set to look into the way that gaming has been managed in the province and they will see if they can do anything in order to improve efficiency. The industry in the territory is currently managed by more than just one agency, and they believe that the review can help decide if there’s a better way to organise the business. Swystun said that they’re not considering reducing the role that the province has in managing gaming.

“This is about governance and management of gaming, it’s not a more fundamental review of whether we’re going to have gaming in the province or not, or what the extent of gaming would be. That’s all being treated as continuation of the status quo,” he added.