Rwanda government suspends betting machines

The suspension comes after an investigation that found machines were being used in a way contrary to the law governing gaming activities in the country.

Rwanda.- Government has temporarily suspended betting and gambling games until the ways the machines are used are streamlined. The ministry that regulates the industry said that it had received several complaints from the public which prompted an investigation into the use of slot machines.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Francois Kanimba, said that after a few inspections they came to the conclusion that some operators were contravening set regulations. According to the law, the slot machines must be operated in a designated place with clear guidelines on how to play.

Local leaders have been concerned over betting for increasing delinquency. On different local radio stations callers-in have continuously complained, stating that many people are betting the money meant to sustain their families with hope of making a quick profit, only for the money to be lost.

According to Kanimba’s statement, the suspension will stand until the time the ministry finds an appropriate way to regulate the operation. The ministry also called on law enforcers to make sure the directive is enforced.

The Gaming sector which came into lime light in 2004 was legalised in December 2011. Although there are no specific numbers, it is estimated that over 8000 slot machines are rolled across the country going by Rwanda Gaming Corporation roll-out targets.

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