Roulette increases Nevada profits

The local gaming control board revealed that roulette profits were 58 percent up compared to last year results.

US.- The Nevada Gaming Control Board released the results that showed that roulette activity in Nevada casinos increased significantly during the first months of this year and the last ones of 2016.

Compared to the same period in 2016, Nevada casinos gathered US$38.6 million from roulette in February, 58.8 percent up. The numbers also show that the gambling activity has been increasing systematically for the past twelve months, with a 13 percent overall and US$361 million collected, a hold percentage of 18 percent. As reported by Las Vegas Sun, Michael Lawton, senior research analyst with the board said that roulette had a great February due to improved hold and increased volumes. “2016 was a good year as well with increases in win and volume, which followed up three consecutive calendar year decreases to win,” he added.

“The state set a record in volume in 2012 with US$21 billion in wagers, which was due to some very strong Latin America play that hasn’t returned to those levels in four years,” he commented. The other gambling activity that grew as much as roulette did was Bingo, which reported winnings of US$2 billion over the past year.

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