RISQ and Media Hut partner up

RISQ and Media Hut signed a partnership to offer operators direct to door jackpots.

UK.- RISQ, the iGaming Insurance Platform iGiP™ that allows operators to unleash the full power of jackpots, has teamed up with Media Hut, the direct mail company, specialising in worldwide direct mail campaigns in the gambling industry, to create a multi-channel marketing campaign solution, to help operators reach and activate their core demographic.

Media Hut, the direct mail experts with a long history in the gambling market, has taken advantage of the RISQ Integrated partner program to offer their clients life-changing jackpots directly to players doors. 

Leveraging the iGaming Insurance Platform iGiP™, MediaHut is now in a position to conceptualise multiple jackpot delivery mechanisms as an acquisition and retention campaign. For example, by utilising a code they find on a golden ticket which can be redeemed on the operator’s website, the player can either register for the first time, passing the ticket to a friend, or trigger anything else the operator desires.  This gives the operator the leverage to convert clients to run through a process that most free-spins won’t incentivise.

Media Hut direct mail campaigns are personalised and tangible, which allows operators to combine them with highly attractive tailor-made jackpot promotions. In addition to this, it is the ONLY communication channel that is GDPR compliant, without having to rely on consent. In an environment where exabytes of online information has increased by 900% over the last ten years, and GDPR has reduced B2C online player reach significantly, the most effective way to grab your target audience’s attention is via a less busy medium like a physical letter. According to a study, 92% of mail recipients are driven to an online or digital activity – with the greatest influence on the first-time recipient.

The unique flexibility of odds and jackpot size of RISQ’s iGaming insurance Platform iGiP™ combined with a direct mail approach is an effective tool to acquire and retain players at a low cost of acquisition across all product verticals particularly for sportsbook, casino and lottery. RISQ’s iGaming insurance platform iGiP™ is backed by a team of innovative and experienced professionals in both risk management and predictive analytics and leverages the capacity of over twenty global reinsurance markets.

The platform includes a range of insurance backed applications, including Game & Sports Jackpots, Promotional Prize-Draws including gamification of casino and sportsbook operators, Betting on Lottery, Casino Financial Risk mitigation High Stakes, and consultancy for Sportsbooks.

Julian Borg-Barthet, Director of Business Development at RISQ, said: “Seeing the conversion rate from direct mail as compared to email is absolutely insane and RISQ wanted to be a part of that. We can see our clients using Media Huts Direct Mail to send golden tickets direct to players door to redeem them online for a chance to win multiple tiers of prizes including a headlining life-changing amount of money, all backed by the RISQ iGaming Insurance Platform of course.”

Karl Dukes, Media Hut said: “We are very pleased to be integrating with RISQ. In a market space where players are bombarded with ineffective emails and in-app messaging, a personalised letter in the post with an individualised and relevant jackpot offer will catch the attention of players. Once the unique URL / jackpot code has been entered into a web browser, a direct Mail campaign is as trackable as an online campaign which makes the direct mail channel an essential part of the marketing mix.