Revel will be reopened as TEN

The new name was chosen for its “perseverance” meaning.

US.- Developer Glenn Straub and the management team of Revel casino began the process to reopen the gaming venture in Atlantic City. After buying it out of bankruptcy, Straub revealed that the casino is expected to start its operations by March 2017.

The new operator renamed the Revel as TEN, because “the TEN brand symbolizes perseverance,” he explained. The opening of TEN casino has not been approved by Atlantic City and New Jersey’s authorities yet.

Straub revealed that he had signed a 25-year lease “worth millions” with the management team. The new representatives of the company, including Revel’s original chief financial officer, paid US$22,000 to branding professionals for the TEN name and logo. The gaming mogul had bought Revel Casino for US$95.4 million last year and his project could reactive Atlantic City’s economy and gaming spirit.