Racetracks support sports betting

Credits: Groupon.
Credits: Groupon.

California racetracks’ operators decided to support New Jersey’s fight to legalise sports betting industry.

US.- Racetrack operators from California showed their public support to New Jersey’s plan of legalising sports betting industry. Owners of Del Mar Thoroughbred Club (DMTC) argued that a legal industry would boost the economic development of states, whilst also reducing unauthorised activities related to gambling.

New Jersey leads the legal fight to allow each state to legislate their own industry. Currently, only Oregon, Delaware, Montana and Nevada are able to offer legal sports betting services. However, New Jersey decided to present a lawsuit demanding the elimination of the amendment of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), which prohibits sports betting platforms outside those states.

“It’s a very low-margin business, but imagine if Surfside Race Place on a football Saturday or Sunday in November was able to offer sports wagering,” commented DMTC president Josh Rubenstein to Del Mar Times. “The amount of people that would be there is significant. And you’re picking up parking revenue, food and beverage. And from a racing standpoint we look at it as an opportunity to open our sport to a whole new base of people who are not necessarily horseracing fans currently.”

If New Jersey’s case is won by Governor Chris Christie, the sports betting industry would not be legal nationwide, but each state would have the power to regulate their own markets. The Supreme Court will hear the case next year.

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