Premier League clubs will vote on gambling sponsorship ban

The Premier League is proposing a voluntary ban on front-of-shirt sponsorship.
The Premier League is proposing a voluntary ban on front-of-shirt sponsorship.

Clubs have been asked to vote on the Premier League’s proposal to introduce a voluntary ban on front-of-shirt gambling sponsorship.

UK.- Earlier this week, the English Premier League was reported to have delivered a proposal to the UK government in a bid to avoid a complete ban on gambling sponsorship in football. It’s proposed that clubs voluntarily phase out front-of-shirt gambling sponsorship while other forms of advertising, including on shirt sleeves, would remain permitted.

Now it’s emerged that the Premier League’s teams have been asked to vote on the proposal. The proposal will need the support of 14 out of the league’s 20 teams to go ahead. It’s not clear whether this means that the government has already suggested that it would accept the move, but it has been reported that Chris Philp, the minister responsible for gambling, was considering it.

The goverment had reportedly hoped to have a decision on a ban by July 21.

Around half of Premier League teams had gambling sponsorships in the last season. Everton FC and newly promoted Bournemouth have only recently signed new deals with betting firms. However, a voluntary ban would disappoint the campaigners who have been pushing the government for a full ban covering social media sponsorship and pitch-perimeter advertising as well as shirt sponsorship.

It appears the voluntary ban would cover the Premier League only, something that compaigners had criticised as incoherent. However, Premier League clubs would be likely to be less affected by a ban than the English Football League, which has less ability to attract other sponsors. Currently sponsored by Sky Bet, the league has predicted that an outright ban on gambling sponsorship would cost its clubs £40m a year.

The government has said that it will publish its delayed gambling white paper containing its full proposals for an overhaul of gambling legislation “in the coming weeks.”

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