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PokerStars to leave Australia

pokerstars australia
Credits: PokerStars

The biggest online poker operator revealed that the company will exit the Australian market after the online gambling ban.

Australia.- After the Senate of Australia passed the bill that prohibits online casinos and poker services, PokerStars announced its departure from the Down Under market. Whilst the company still has to announce an official date, it is estimated that it would be mid-September.

The online poker operator said that it will monitor the market as it is waiting for future opportunities if Australia legally allows companies to offer online services again, as Poker News Report informed. PokerStars sent an email to its costumers to let them know that their money will be guaranteed, and that they would be contacted again once they have a specific date.

The bill passed last week says that “prohibited services under the IGA include online casino-style gaming services of chance or mixed skill and chance, such as blackjack, roulette and poker, which are played for money or anything else of value. Wagering and lotteries are permitted under limited circumstances.”

Spokesperson for the Australian Online Poker Alliance, Joey Del Duca, said: “Whilst it was unfortunate that the government did not wait for the Senate Inquiry findings to come through, we urge Australian poker players to not give up hope. Our game is not dead and we will continue to campaign for safe, legal online poker when the Senate Inquiry is handed down. Our call for a safe, regulated online poker market in Australia is still the only option that provides freedom for players, revenue for the government and protection for those in need,” the news outlet cited.

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