“Our plans are to embrace change and innovation”

(Exclusive Interview).- Dallmeier Electronics shares vision of ICE Totally Gaming 2018.

Konrad HechtbauerDirector Project & Application Development of Dallmeier Electronics, spoke with Focus Gaming News about its expectations on ICE Totally Gaming 2018, the gaming event that gathers major international brands in ExCel, London, from February 6 to 8. The company shared its vision on the event and some details of what visitors will find.

How is ICE 2018 helping Dallmeier Electronics to achieve annual goals?

Dallmeier has been in the Security CCTV business environment for many years. In more recent years Dallmeier has been a major factor within the international casino environment, predominantly though its hardware; cameras, digital recorders and networks. However, now Dallmeier is acting more as solution provider, becoming more innovative in areas of analytics that add an exciting new factor to our broad spectrum of products. ICE 2018 will see the official launch of our Casino Automation Technology – CAT, a solution that will help change the casino environment.

What are the company’s plans for this edition?

Our plans are to embrace change and innovation within the Security & Casino Industries and look to become a leader with new technologies.

Is Dallmeier Electronics interested in any particular market?

Dallmeier is well versed in many areas and markets, from City Surveillance, Casinos, Sport Stadiums, Airports, Railways, Roadways, Mining Industry and more. Dallmeier has the ability and excellent personnel within the business to adapt and support a wide range of industries in various markets which is very much our strength. We will continue to work across various markets, support each one as if it was the only one.

Is the company planning to set new partnerships?

Dallmeier is a privately owned company and a very much inward driven operation, with our owner Dieter Dallmeier across everything that we do, having said that Dallmeier realises that we do not need to create and develop everything ourselves and are not only open to partnerships but are actively seeking out likewise innovative and driven business to work with that will drive our business forward constantly looking for continuous improvement.

How is the company preparing its performance at ICE?

Dallmeier has attended numerous Gaming and Security shows across the years. In more recent times Dallmeier has adjusted its approach looking to create a more personal and private feel to our presentations and demonstrations that enable the customer to feel engaged with our product and personnel. Dallmeier will be taking this approach to the ICE show and to our customers, current and future.

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