Pennsylvania to approve DFS


Legislators have until May 26 to come up with a solution

Next March, Pennsylvanian legislators are expected to pass the DFS bill.

US.- As Pennsylvanian legislators are debating on new casino legislation to establish financial terms of authorised operations, the daily fantasy sport bill is also pushing its way to legalisation. According to Senator Mario Scavello, R-Monroe County, the new regulation would be approved by March 2017.

“Sometime in March, we’ll have something done and passed in the House and Senate. It looks like online gaming has the support to pass. We can look at other expansions,” revealed Mario Scavello, chairman of the Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee, to the local press.

The updated gaming regulation would determine a new regime for the “local share assessment” paid by casinos to host communities, legalise daily fantasy sports platforms and casino services at airports, as well as installing the biggest authorised iGaming industry in the US. Senators will debate in the following weeks which gaming bill would be more likely to enter into effect this year.

Republican Senators may be preparing another draft to introduce their own iGaming bill soon. Last year, the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania intended to pass the bill twice. However, the new regulation is still on debate and is expected to be approved in the next months.

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