PAGCOR revokes 124 online gambling licenses

Since newly-elected Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte proposed a crackdown on online gambling, the regulator has revoked 124 online gaming licenses.

The Philippines.- After Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte assumed office on June 30, he declared a war on online gambling resulting in PAGCOR revoking 124 online gaming licenses since early July.

The President announced that measures would be taken against the provision of online gambling services to residents immediately after taking on his new post and although his administration has not provided further details about what measures will be taken exactly, the Philippine gambling regulator has already started restricting the offering of online games.

PAGCOR, which is not only in charge of regulating the local gambling industry, but also operates online gaming parlours around the country, is planning not to renew the licenses of 302 online gaming venues and 324 online bingo outlets that offer their services to Philippine players.

According to Andrea Domingo, the newly appointed PAGCOR CEO, the government and the regulator are working on an executive order on the provision of online gaming in a bid to determine the companies and the types of gaming options that would be affected by the ongoing crackdown.

The Philippines’ top gaming official pointed out that a special task force would be assembled to monitor and prevent the provision of illegal gambling options within the country’s borders. Domingo said that this task force will have the full support of local police and law enforcement agencies.