PAGCOR filed its lawsuit response


Shareholders of Stotsenberg blamed Frontier Capital Group for not fulfilling its obligations.

PAGCOR responded to the petition that would stop the development of the online gambling sector.

Philippines.- The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) made public its response to the accusation presented to the Supreme Court. PAGCOR was accused of abusing its power by authorising at least 35 offshore online gambling platforms which attract both Philippine and foreign players.

Last week, the Union for National Development and Good Governance-Philippines (UNLAD) introduced to the Supreme Court a formally request to limit online gaming industry in the country. The non-government organisation argued that PAGCOR, the national gaming regulator, is not authorised to grant iGaming licenses.

On November 9, PAGCOR responded that they have the authority to regulate offshore online gaming operators, as they operate from the Philippines to foreign markets. PAGCOR defends its power of licensing, authorising and operating all online casino and betting sectors in the Asian country.

Furthermore, the Philippine gaming authority also added that the offshore iGaming licensing process brought to the country US$18.7 million under the application and documentation fees. PAGCOR stated that these funds are necessary to contribute with the government in the development of Philippines.