“Our challenge is to create better games with better features”

Mirela Agatonovic, product manager at EGT Interactive.
Mirela Agatonovic, product manager at EGT Interactive.

Mirela Agatonovic, product manager at EGT Interactive, drops in to talk about the company’s games and its latest title, Burning Keno.

Exclusive interview.- EGT Interactive specialises in creating games that win over players, and its latest title is no expectation. Focus Gaming News caught up with product manager, Mirela Agatonovic, to learn about Burning Keno, and how EGT Interactive keeps players happy.

The developer puts a strong focus on offering a better user experience and user-centric features, Agatonovic says.

She said: “While the user is playing Burning Keno, they get the feeling of a real-time game because of the draw that we’re providing every 30 seconds.”

The game takes the developer into a niche where it hopes to achieve great success.

It can be played with one to ten numbers and the player gets a payout based on how many numbers they play with. The game also offers fast access to hot and cold numbers and instant re-bet functionality. When the user plays with more than seven numbers, the user can be paid out even when there’s no match.

“We’re trying to be always ahead of the competitors,” Agatonovic says. “With this game, we managed to streamline our lessons learned and to provide a better user experience.

“Our challenge was to build a better game with better features while maintaining the classic lottery game flow, and I think we managed to achieve that.

“We think it’s going to be a great opportunity for operators to reach a new audience and increase their retention rate and player commitment,” she adds.

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