Osaka authorities introduce possible location


The project will cost approximately US$7.3 billion.

Yumeshima Island would be home to an integrated casino resort.

Japan.- City officials along with developers decided to move forward and implement a plan that sets Yumeshima Island as the new location for an integrated casino resort. The Japan Times reported that the project will cost approximately US$7.3 billion.

The casino resort would also host the World Expo in 2025, and Osaka authorities believe that the city could become a potential host to casino facilities. Furthermore, an integrated casino resort, along with the Expo, would certainly boost the economy of the area, and it would bring more tourist every year. The proposed facility would occupy 70 hectares on the island, and an extra 60 would be reserved for the Expo.

Hirofumi Yoshimura, Osaka’s mayor, said that the future constructor and operator would need to collaborate with funds to be able to build a subway line to Yumeshima, besides the necessary infrastructure to begin the structure on the artificial island. Earlier this month, it was announced that Hard Rock Cafe International Incorporated established a Japanese subsidiary, even if Japan still has to wait to launch its industry until 2023, and that lawmakers estimate that initially there will be only three licenses issued in the Asian country, which will be announced in two years.