Ohio Senators introduce sports betting bill

us sports betting ohio

The proposed bill is very detailed about betting on Cleveland's NFL and NBA teams. (Credits: herosports.com)

Two Northeast Ohio lawmakers presented Senate Bill 316, which would legalise sports betting statewide.

US.- As the Supreme Court allowed sports betting to be legalised nationwide, several states have already taken a step forward to get the segment running locally. Ohio is one of them as two Northeast Ohio Senators have introduced a bill to regulate the segment in the state.

Sens. John Eklund and Sean O’Brien are sponsoring the bill which is – intentionally – extremely detailed in bets for the Browns and Cavalliers (Cleveland’s NFL and NBA teams respectively) games. According to O’Brien, specifics in the bill would be ready by no later than September, in order to get the project ready for the 2019 session.

“My thinking right now is we already have casinos and racinos set up,” O’Brien said and added: “I’d kind of like to keep it in those institutions because they are set up for gaming. I’m not sure we want it in every (grocery store) and every bar.”

Senator O’Brien explained that they’re looking into other state’s proposed bills and sanctioned Laws in order to properly craft the bill. “We want to make sure we do it and do it right,” he assured.

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