Ohio expects sports betting

The recently elected Governor said that sports betting will happen in the state. Credits: Cleveland.com

The state’s governor-elect said that sports betting is coming to Ohio, but it isn’t clear when it will happen.

US.- Ohio Governor-elect Mike DeWine said that the state will welcome sports betting and that the state needs to be present in order to come up with proper regulations. The state legislature had already given the first steps through a placeholder bill, but it hasn’t moved any further.

“It’s coming to Ohio whether people want it or not,” said DeWine to News 5. We need to be there to do it right, the right way. I’m not a big fan of betting but it is a reality and Ohio voters have made that decision with the casinos and other things throughout the years and so it’s here, I think it’s important for Ohio to do it right and so I will work with the state legislature when I’m governor to make sure this is done right, make sure that we can control it, make sure that we can regulate it.”

DeWine said that he’s aware of the American Gaming Association’s claim that approximately US$150 billion are wagered every year illegally in the country. “Look, people want to gamble; you know a tremendous amount of gambling goes on under the table in regard to sports. We need now that the United States Supreme Court has made their ruling we’re going to have every state is going to be jumping into this, people are going to be able to do it on their app,” he said.

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