Ohio employees could legally gamble

A Cincinnati lawmaker introduced a legislation that’s being considered at the Statehouse.

US.- Senator Bill Seitz, from Cincinnati, Ohio, introduced a legislation that would allow Ohio casino employees to legally gamble in the state. This measurement would take after a rule that’s been in effect ever since the state voters legalised casinos seven years ago.

The current legislation in Ohio, called Casino Control Law, makes it impossible por casino employees to gamble in the state, since the activity is considered a first-degree misdemeanor. Seitz is looking to reduce the possibility of casino employees using their knowledge to rig games, even though slot machines and electronic games in Ohio make 68 percent of revenue every year.

“The bill makes a small, albeit necessary, change to current law which ensures that casino operators and employees are able to enjoy the same pastime as every other Ohioan is permitted in regards to gaming,” said Seitz.

Executive director of the Ohio Casino Control Commission, Matthew Schuler, said: “After four years of regulating and enforcing the law at Ohio’s casinos, we have not had a case of employees from different casinos working in collusion to cheat. In fact, given the systems of surveillance, segregated duties and internal controls unique to each casino operator, it would be difficult to even attempt.”