NSW will ban greyhound racing

The most populated Australian state is preparing the prohibition to come into force next year.

Australia.- By July 1st 2017, New South Wales residents will not be able to bet on greyhound racing anymore. The Australian government backed the decision of the most populated state, after an investigation that showed the constant animal cruelty and killings the dogs have suffered.

“Greyhound racing has been banned in many countries and many states of the U.S. and is legal in only eight countries around the world. NSW will be the first state in Australia to ban it. Over the coming months, we will consult with the industry to help minimise the pain as best we can for the innocent industry participants as we work towards an orderly industry shutdown,” published the NSW Premier Mike Baird on his Facebook page.

The governor also shared the results of an official report written by a commission inquiry carried out by Australian lawyer Michael McHugh, which proves the animal cruelty and the death of 68,000 dogs, amounting to half the greyhound population of Australia.

Major gaming entities, Greyhound Racing New South Wales –GRNSW– and betting operator Tabcorp, expressed their concern about the decision. According to GRNSW, industry stakeholders had been “devastated” by the news. Meanwhile, Tabcorp “expects a significant level of substitution will occur to other wagering product, such as thoroughbred racing, harness racing, sport and animated racing,” as the company stated, explaining that NSW greyhound racing represented 5 percent of its total wagering turnover.